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January 22, 2023
"Do not use this bus company unless you want to have your bag stolen"
Do not use this bus company unless you want your bags stolen! I recently used Peter Pan bus lines to go from Providence to New York City. On the return trip the bus driver made me put my bag under the bus even though I tried to take it on the bus with me. The bus was making 2 different stops. and I was the second stop. Because of traffic the bus driver didn't stop at the regular bus stop, but instead dropped passengers off in front of the Dunkin Donut Center where there was an event letting out. He took my bag off of the bus and placed it on the sidewalk without even asking if it was anyone's bag. Because he was in a hurry he just got back on the bus and drove off leaving my bag on the sidewalk in the middle of the city! When we got to my stop the bus driver took no responsibility, nor apologized for leaving my bag. His basic response was, 'oh well, it wasn't my fault'. Even though he was the one who took my bag off the bus! I will never use this bus company again and if you want to keep your belongings you shouldn't either!
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March 17, 2020
"Refused Refund during Coronavirus Pandemic"
One of my nieces was having a baby shower. Unfortunately the Coronavirus interfered. My other niece used her credit card to pay for bus tickets to ensure we all were on the same bus. We of course had to cancel the tickets as Restaurant, and any Large gathering are being discouraged. If not outright banned in New Jersey, and New York. Instead of Peter Pan being understanding, they refused to refund her. They are giving her credit on several tickets, which means I guess if we ride in future her ticket is paid for. This hurts her financially as she is a single mom who needs her money refunded on her card. This cancellation happened due to an act of God and Government. Not her fault.
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November 06, 2019
"Went to work for Peter-Pan in Boston…"
This is a Hate Crime
Went to work for Peter-Pan in Boston out of the Chelsea Garage.
Hired as a Bus driver/Motor-coach Operator on October 20th 2019.
Met up with a Trainer (Donald Fonner) who is/was a White Supremacist / Racist Homophobic Person who Voiced his Opinion sever Times.

I am a Professional CDL Class A Driver w N&P endorsements since 1980/81. I hold a Massachusetts D.P.U. Bus/Motor-coach License, former 2a-4a Hydraulics license (20 Years) and an Osha 10 Certificate. I have a Clean *CORI & have Never been arrested.

I was Put down, Ridiculed, Bullied, had Racist remarks said to Me and Treated like I was a P.O.S. either because I'm a Democrat or being a part of the LGBT/Q community or even being a 30 Year employee of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
While I met some Truly Nice People in the Springfield office, a Few in the Boston office as well, where I was assigned.

On Monday/Tuesday November the 4th & 5th. I was told
"The World was a lot Better until Obama came into Office" Excuse Me?
Oh the *Do Nothing Democrats & Look 5 state workers holding a Shovel.

I'm 59 Years Old, Yes I am Not from the Western part of the State. I do Not know all the Country back-roads, Yes I forget how some exits are on 93 in Boston, Yes, it's going to take Me a Few Times to remember. Then you're showing Me, Something different everyday, I forget exactly where this Road may go. I'm Human, and Yes I do make Mistakes. Train Me *Don't Ridicule Me!

Wow, was I treated Unfairly, This bothered Me so much, Talking to myself on my way Home, I Tossed and Turned all night trying to get to Sleep, thinking about my Scenario w Peter-Pan.

Needless to Say, I was Let go and I could see How I was being Treated. Unfortunately Peter-Pan has to employ Homophobic / Racist People who puts Down everyone like President Trump does, Yes I have over 20 Guns, It's My God Given Right *He said.
Guns don't Kill people, it's People who kill People! Oh I Think *Trump is a Great President! It's the Democrats who F*cked this Country up ~ Donald Fonner Quoted.

I was told Peter-Pan doesn't care about its Passengers, We only care about Getting them there, "You Need to be an Aggressive Driver"
You want Me to Weave in and out of Traffic in a 45 Foot Motor-coach and Keep a constant 65 MPH Speed Limit or go around a curve in a posted 30 Mph Speed designated for a Car?

I see why There's a lot of Negative reviews about Peter-Pan.
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